Nursing or Is It?
by Pauline Branton

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Themes in Yoruba Endogamous Creativity
Olugbemi Moloye, Ph.D
Learn more about the Yoruba culure in this extraordinary book.
Open that Book!    by   Gwethlyn Jones! 

This is a delightful with beautiful artwork.  This children's book encourages reading and discovery.  Now available from the author's website.
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Rubber Seed: An African Scientist in the Amazon Basin
Dr. Kome Onokpise

Travel to Amazon Basin with Dr. Onokpise in search of the elusive rubber seed.  
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Take a peek inside "Open That Book"
Angela McGriff's poetry captures both heart and mind. 

​Dr. J. R. Harding, author of 
Now What
Author Reggie Cuyler has written another book.