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Author of Gifted Images
Gil Caudill
 Gifted and talented students make up approximately 5% of our student population yet they continue to be vastly under served by our educational institutions. Their giftedness often appears and reveals itself in many diverse ways and may often be masked by factors such as learning disabilities, cultural surrounding, and environmental influences.

In Gifted Images, Mr. Caudill addresses these issues by providing the reader with a basic foundation in the theories related to giftedness and gifted education while providing specific instructional ideas and strategies for teachers and nparents withing a very user-friendly, concise, format. Gifted Images is an invaluable resource for anyone working with gifted children and a must-read for parents and others seeking a deeper understanding of the diverse characteristics and educational needs of gifted young people.
Gifted Images is an excellent resource for experienced  and  beginning teachers
GIFTED IMAGES is the perfect book for new and experienced parents.
Lessons from America's Best and Worst Cities

Dorothy Inman-Johnson combines here vast experience in the public sector with insight gained from living in and traveling to many cities.  Readers will enjoy her analysis of the best and worst places rankings... and will come away from this book with more extensive knowledge about these rankings' strengths, weaknesses, and quirks.

Dr. Moloye  examines the efficacy of health issues in Nigeria, detailing centuries-old practices in the culturally-rich country of Nigeria.
Wonderfully written narratives that inspire and delight.
Author Royal Colbert investigates how using  hip-hop style music has impacted some rituals in the traditional Church.
These incredible women were successful in their respective professional roles.  They now are doing more incredible things in retirement.  Read about them in this entertaining and insightful book.